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Barafu Tours & safaris is a small Tanzanian local company that offers a wide range of safaris including climbing Mount Kilimanjaro,cultural tourism, wildlife adventure safaris, bike tours and beach holidays. We provide highest quality service and products that are within your budget. We have strong experience and a great team of people that guarantee the highest quality of service and co-ordination.

What does word BARAFU means?

Barafu is a swahili word that means 'ice' or 'snow'. At the peak of kilimanjaro is the only place in Africa that is covered with heavy snow. The name Barafu tours and safaris is named after the snow at the peak of the roof of Africa- Mount Kilimanjaro also is the very last camp point on the way to Uhuru(the peak of Kilimanajaro) is called Barafu Hut, Because this is the point where the snowy expirience begins.

Why Book with Us?

  • 5 Years of experience
  • Proven expertise in bike tours
  • Proffesional guides
  • 4*4 land cruisers equipped with viewing roof ready to take your lifetime adventure
  • Full moon treks
  • Mountain safety
  • Represented in
"Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure."
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