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We are a small Tanzanian local company that offers a wide range of safaris including climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, cultural tourism, wildlife adventure safaris, bike tours and beach holidays. We provide highest quality service and products that are within your budget. We have strong experience and a great team of people that guarantee the highest quality of service and co-ordination.


We have a unique way of meeting your adventurous expectations!
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Mount Climbing

Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing

Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the hardest and trickiest mountain to climb in Africa,it posses a variety of challenges and a lot of spectacular views. All in all Getting to the top is amazingly fun.

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Have a Nature wildlife photography safari and Get a chance to experience one of the biggest wildlife migration in the world, spectacular experience of the Serengeti national park will blow your mind away. Come along and enjoy.

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Ngorongoro Crater

The Crater land of ngorongoro contains many of the best nature given wildlife, With amazing vegetation that surrounds the crater keeps the day cool and enjoyable.Coming to ngorongoro always its one of those things that will make you feel HAPPY.!



Director Barafu Tours

Chance Liganga


My name is Chance Liganga. I am the owner and founder of Barafu Tours & Safaris. I am a Tanzanian, born and raised in Kilimanjaro region. I am open-minded, casual, easy-going and most importantly, I believe in nature and adventure and spend most of my time seeking more adventures. My hobbies are Touring, cruising, sightseeing, hiking and different other outdoor activities.

I am a realistic thinker who enjoys life in natural surroundings and always looking under that rock or over the ledge hoping to bring happiness and a better life to all that I meet. I wake up each day to see the beautiful Mount Kilimanjaro and my dream is that someday the whole world will get to experience this lifetime adventure through Barafu Tours & Safaris.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to experience the best trekking and safari tours adventure of a lifetime! Your adventure starts with us.

Amy Chiu A good friend of mine climbed Kili using Barafu Tours last year and raved about her experience, so my friend and I decided to use them for our recent climb. Chance and his team of expert guides (huge shoutout to Imran, Muhammed, and Rafael) and the rest of the amazing staff really exceeded any and all expectations we had for our week long climb. Each meal was also exceptional - expect the best cucumber soup of your life created by Chef Abbus and served by Pray, one of the friendliest people I've ever met. Every member of the Barafu Tours group was kind, friendly, and diligent! While the cli
Toby Wharne Kilimanjaro is a really special experience and I can thoroughly recommend doing it with Barafu Tours. We were very well looked after by the manager of this company, Chance, who made sure that everything was simple and easy for us. He supported us throughout the trip by: providing all the transport we needed, including transfers from/to the airport; providing a comfortable hotel to stay in; giving us plenty of advice about what we would need for the expedition; arranging a safari day after the hike and also setting up a visit to a coffee farm and waterfall at the very last minute when we finish
Stephanie Cherng At the end of the summer this year, I decided I wanted to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and started researching companies that could help get me there. Picking one turned out to be incredibly difficult but after reading a ton of TripAdvisor reviews and comparing prices, I reached out to a couple of companies. The owner of Barafu Tours & Safaris, Chance, was easily the most responsive and accommodating person I communicated with. From the start, he answered my questions with very straightforward responses and all of the information I asked for. When I started having doubts about whether or not I wanted
Rob Mearkle I did the Rongai Route 6-day climb in late January and in choosing Barafu Tours & Safaris, we picked the right people. We wanted a locally-owned company with no middle man. Barafu and its owner, Chance, were very responsive in the planning and thought of nearly every detail. Paying the deposit was easy (PayPal) and then Chance arranged for an airport pick-up and drop off of each member of our group, even though we arrived and departed all at different times. The hotel accommodations in Moshi were nice (Keys Hotel). Our guides (Shani and Mohammed) were low-key but knowledgeable and clearly
Gary Brazeau I just returned from an awesome climbing and safari experience thanks to Barafu Tours and Safaris. Our group of four hiked the Rongai route to the Uhuru summit of Kilimanjaro. The guides, cook, and porters took excellent care of us, fed us well, and encouraged us. On return to Moshi, we decided to take a safari tour and Barafu made it happen the following morning. This team showed us great personal attention and ensured that our needs were addressed. Barafu Tours and Safaris is a Tanzanian- owned and operated company. I highly recommend them.
David Coghill My daughter and I successfully reached the Kibo crater and on to Uhuru peak on Mt. Kilimanjaro with Barafu Tours. Selecting a climbing company can be a daunting task with so many companies offering the climbing experience of a lifetime at widely different prices. After a lot of research I selected Barafu tours manged by Chance Linganga. Chance was was able to quickly and thoroughly answer my questions and was able to suppress the anxiety that comes with booking a trip like this. I have no hesitation in recommending them as an excellent value for money climbing company. Other companies may
Mike Moore I climbed Kilimanjaro over the Christmas period via the Lemosho route. We organised the expedition with a local company, Barafu Tours and Safaris, and everything about it was wonderful - an experience I will remember for the rest of my life! Chance Liganga is the director of Barafu and he made sure that everything on the trip went smoothly from picking us up at the airport to arranging some extra activities after Kilimanjaro at the last minute (more on that below). He is a friendly and professional guy who made our visit to Tanzania what we hoped it would be. If you want a local company that i
Robert Atkinson Thank you Chance!!! "Barafu Tours and Safaris" gave me the tools and awesome guides to successfully climb Mt. Kilimanjaro safely. Chance set me up on the 6 day Machame route with head guide "Baboo" translates into father, Aka Menas Mwiga and assistant guide Florian Mtembela. This was an experience unlike any other. I was not sure if I would be able to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro due to time constraints before arriving in Moshi, but Chance assured me he could make it happen. Chance Liganga was introduced to me through a friend, Basil Henning, and I am very grateful to have the pleasure of meeting Ch
Robert Lipman I just back from an amazing trip to Tanzania, and I owe it all to Chance at Barafu Tours and Safaris. Not only did he take me in under short notice, he ensured that the trip was amazing from start to finish. I looked at a number of different local operators and Western operators, including Zara Tours, Akaro, Shayo, Popote, Climbing Kilimanjaro and many more before going with Barafu. Chance, from the very beginning, made sure that this experience was an outstanding one. He responded to emails quickly and provided me with all of the information I needed. While they might not be 'established'
Carl Little Barafu Tours & Safari is an awesome tour company. The guides and porters are very knowledgeable, dependable and make the trek fun with their interactions. The food was very good considering the cooking environment. We did the seven day Rongai route which worked out well for a May trek. After a successful summit, we also did a four day Safari which was perfect. Our safari guide was very knowledgeable about the animals and the national parks. I highly recommend Barafu Tours & Safari for a great reasonably priced African adventure.
Abigail Smith, Jeremy Applebaum, Paul Hamerski Barafu did a fantastic job with our trek! The porters and staff were very accommodating to our group. We even made it back from the summit a day earlier than expected!
Nick Lamberti Just finished summiting Uhuru peak with Barafu Tours & Safaris and am so impressed by my experience. The entire team and service was outstanding and they really made sure that you were going to summit. Everyone had a positive attitude to keep you going, knew the mountain like the back of their hands, and kept you well informed throughout the way. The meals were amazing and they even had a separate big tent everyone could gather in for meals which some tour companies don't have from seeing others at the camp site. Couldn't be happier choosing Barafu Tours & Safaris. The experience was a once in
Henri Geminder An American friend and I decided to do a trip to summit Kili and had an amazing adventure. We ended up using Barafu Tours after numerous recommendations from friends while also taking into account finding a reasonable cost for the trek. We did the Machame trail in 6 days and it was certainly a trip of a lifetime and I would actually consider doing it again! I think one of my favorite aspects of Barafu tours was that we had smaller groups than many other tour companies. On summit day each hiker literally had a porter in case anything happened to them - ie your own personal coach and any help ne
Michelle Chow I cannot have any more good things to say about Barafu Tours. Chance, the owner, was very quick to reply back to my inquiry on the 6-day Machame Tour. He is Tanzanian so his company is local and they offered a much better rate than some of his competitors. I originally thought I would have had to make some sacrifices because it was inexpensive but I had the same service and amenities as all of the other companies! Nothing could have prepared me mentally for the journey to the top and fortunately, I had a private climb so my slower pace didn’t hold anyone up. Shawnee (don’t think that’
Nick VandenHoek Everything from the booking right through was great. Chance was efficient and helpful from the time we booked to the time we left. Our mountain team was excellent from the guides through to the wagumu ( porters). Our guides Jerome, Mohammed and Gerry were very friendly and professional and organised the trek well, we would not have made it without their encouragement. The food was plentiful and tasty and our waiter Pray made sure we were all eating enough (it was funny to be mothered by a guy much younger than me but it is what we all needed). As for the trek it is fairly easy up until summit
Emma Lythgoe We chose Barafu tours as we wanted to climb Kili with a local tour operator. Chance and his team provided an excellent standard of service from the outset (for half the price of most British/American companies). Chance promptly responded to email queries, collected us from Kilimanjaro airport and even made an additional two hour drive to say goodbye and wish us well for our flight home. We chose the 6 day Machame route and were fortunate to be grouped with two other couples (from NZ and Aus). Chance had organised 3 guides to escort us up the mountain, a chef and 18 porters to carry our pac
Brendan O'Connor After much research, we chose to climb Kili with Barafu Tours based on their excellent reviews, prompt response to emails, competitive price and the fact that they are 100% Tanzanian owned. From the moment Chance picked us up from the airport everything ran like clockwork. Our guides Jerome, Gerry and Mohamed led our group of six to the top, without their care and attention I definitely wouldn't have made it on summit night, it's tough. Nothing was too much trouble, the 'wagamu' who carry everything to the top were incredible, the food was excellent, and Prey, our waiter made sure we were kept
Joonas Korjala Small local company directed by Mr Chance Liganga. He made an offer which included everything we suggested in very reasonable price. Our package was 6-days Machame route to Uhuru peak, 4-days safari (Serengeti, lake Manyara and Ngorongoro), two day trips to Kikuletwa hot springs and Materuni waterfalls, transfer service from and to airport and hotel nights in Moshi (Keys hotel at Uru road) between the different trips. His staff is professional (mountainguides Dixon and Shani, safariguide Rashid, cooks, porters, waiter Pray and drivers Honest and his brother). Sorry guys, I dont remember all
Wendy Cutler My husband and I just returned from climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. We had an amazing trip with no problems. Our tour company was Barafu Tours and they were AWESOME! They made sure we were safe, well fed (with healthy, fresh food for the climb) and that we enjoyed ourselves! We loved them, they were so kind and made sure we had everything we needed to make it to the top. It was a first class trip and we would do it again with them!
Tracy Ledoux Best experience of my life! Couldn't have asked for a better tour company. Chance and is team literally are God sends. I couldn't have made it up the mountain without their skill and expertise. I met with a few other different people from Zanzibar after my hike and I heard their stories and experience of their hike and I was appalled. Made me so grateful to have done it with this company. They literally all became family and Chance took care of me and my friend the entire trip. It's important to have a local who knows the area. Anything I needed Chance was able to help me with and his porter a
George Ford I can not say enough good things about Barafu Tours and Safaris. From the beginning to the end it was truly a great experience. Our lead guide Shany really ensured our success on a daily basis from ensuring that our hiking pace was correct to doing medical checks including pulse and oxygen levels. They even carried oxygen just to be on the safe side. They made daily decisions based on how we were doing. He even changed our summit time by a few hours to ensure our success as he felt we needed more rest. Everyone in our team made it to the summit. Everyone of our porters, cooks and guides were g